Women’s International Day

Did you do anything nice for someone today? I ask my daughter this question every night before I put her to bed.

It’s International Women’s Day today, when’s the last time you did something nice for a women?

Did you see something and think it’s better off to not get involved? Far too often men don’t want to interject because they think the women can handle it herself – or feel as though they won’t be helpful.

My daughter tells me on a regular basis she wants to be an Astronaut and I tell her to go for it, it’s important to me that she has a well balanced reading diet and more support than she knows what to do with.

Today is about women standing up for other women, for seeing injustices and standing up for one another and speaking the truth, it’s when your best friend calls and says “I got a raise!” and you say “that’s amazing, I couldn’t be happier for you.” The days of petty drama, backstabbing are over. Women more so than ever are sticking up for one another – supporting each other and walking thru hell hand in hand.

Some of it has been because of the #MeToo movement, some of it is good old fashioned women commodity – today on Facebook I saw I saw a few posts about small WOMEN owned business’ and to leave a comment about which is your favorite, if you know me you know I don’t have “one favorite” so I listed all of them;

Bellani Maternity in Warwick

Cerulean in Bristol

Mod Mama in Cranston

Sweet Reverie Photography are just a few of my go to places and photographer to use.

It’s important to support women, today and tomorrow. So I ask you, have you done anything nice for someone today?