Christmas Traditions

Christmas was always magical in our house growing up, we would tag our tree a few weeks before Thanksgiving at Henry’s Christmas Tree Farm in Hope.

The first week of December we would pile into the car, I say pile because it usually meant I was squishing my sister and annoying her. We would bring our tree home, my mom would bring up the decorations from the basement and my dad would begin the yearly tradition of swearing while getting the tree up and most importantly keeping it up.

We would always hang out stocking on the banister going up the stairs, this was my favorite part. After we decorated the tree my mom would go into the dining room, and put up her fake tree with all of her beautiful, white and gold ornaments. Each one carefully placed on the tree, it was something out of a magazine, and when we pulled into the driveway that is the first thing we saw in the window her beautiful tree.

After the trees were decorated we would have dinner and watch a Christmas movie, I don’t remember which one but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was we were all together, relaxing and eating popcorn. Laughs were always had, usually at my dads expense but he was always a good sport.

With our kids, we do the same. Pick out the tree at Henry’s in Hope. My husband is much calmer than my dad and doesn’t yell at the tree – but this year after we decorated the tree and put the kids to bed our tree fell over.  We lost most of our ornaments and my husband did lose his cool (can you blame him)? But the kids were asleep and didn’t notice and we will just purchase new ones after Christmas. Here’s to hoping next year we can continue this without the tree falling.