Family Day in Boston

This year for Christmas my in-laws were generous enough to get my kids a membership to the Roger Williams Zoo and the Providence Children’s Museum.

We have already used both multiple times and our favorite thing on a rainy day is going to the museum.

Not only are the passes great – but you can get in at other places for a discounted price, we decided to go to the Boston Children’s Museum.

We parked in Harvard and took the T into the city, Sam was in the stroller and Julia walked with us (this is a great way to tire out a toddler)!

It cost $17 per person, luckily for us we got half off, so we just paid for ourselves. It was a blast and it’s huge – if you haven’t been it’s well worth the visit. There are three floors for the kids and an area for kids who aren’t walking or just learning how to walk. Sam loved it and had a blast having his own area with kids his height and age.

Julia loved the climbing course in the front and school bus area. We spent about 3 hours there and then headed out to grab some dinner. I’ve been dying to try Shake Shack, so we stopped their which was about 2 blocks from the T and 2 blocks from the garage we parked in.

Shake Shack was delicious and perfect for us, we got 2 cheeseburgers, a chicken sandwich and 2 sets of fries. We all shared and we all ate enough for 4. This cost $39.

Then we left the garage and that was $30. We were able to have a great day in Boston for under a $100, which is important since we are a one income family. The kids had a blast, we had fun trading off kids so they each got to have individual time with us.

When we got home the kids were fast asleep and slept in on Sunday. We try to do fun but educational things with them, and since Nate works so much during the week on the weekends we really do our best to have solid family time. It was the perfect day and the city wasn’t too cold so walking from the T stop wasn’t bad and the kids loved seeing all the new sites.

Take fun day trips with your kids you won’t regret it.