Welcome to our website, I’m Emily Howe married to Nate who does IT in Cambridge, MA. I’m a stay at home mom of two littles, our daughter is 3 and our son will be 1 in November.

We moved to the suburbs in October of 2016 after living in Providence for 4 years, we had the sweetest little bungalow (not so little, 6 beds!) but city life wasn’t for this growing family. So after consideration, debating; do we stay in RI or do we move closer to Nate’s work or stay in RI?

Ultimately, we chose RI to stay close to our families; both our parents live close-by and my sister does with her husband and two kids. Full disclosure she’s my go to for mom advice – so everything I know comes from her.

We found our dream house in Governor Francis and we haven’t looked back since we moved here. This blog will chronicle our adventures of our lives and the adventures we go on and be a little political, sometimes!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy,

The Howes