To Gender Reveal or Not To?

If you know anyone who has had a baby in the last 2 years then you’ve probably seen a gender reveal!

Some do cakes, balloons, gun smoke, coloring a Hershey bar in, and some people do big parties with their families or keep it small just between the parents.

With our daughter, I knew from the beginning she was a girl but my husband wasn’t so sure – so I went to the appointment and the tech told me right, a baby girl! I was ecstatic and then a little scared, because girls and their mothers when they are teenagers. But mostly ecstatic. My husband was working in Boston at the time and it was a Thursday night when we found out so we went to our favorite bar, Harry’s Burger Bar by our apartment.

He got there first and I walked in with a onesie wrapped up in wrapping paper (face down) and our regular waiter, Joel took the best video of him opening it. The onesie read, “Daddy’s Little Girl”. The only other time he has been that excited is when we found out we were having a son.

We posted a picture of him holding the onesie up on Facebook as our big announcement, it was perfect.

With our son, we had family in from Texas and wanted to do something special. I was craving sweets so we ordered a cake from the local bakery. It said “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, How We Wonder What You Are?!” On the inside there was light blue frosting. It was perfect and our family was surprised as well as happy.

I love gender reveals, weather it is for friends or people I’ve lost touch with.

So have you done one? Why or Why not?

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