Road Trip with kids

If you ever wonder what it’s like to be exhausted from doing absolutely nothing then I suggest you to take an eight hour drive to Western NY (including stops).

So Nate’s grandmother lives there and one of his aunts and her husband, we haven’t been up to visit since Julia was 2 months old. So, it was important that we got up there to see her and for Grandma Howe to meet Samuel.

The great part is when we go up we get to see Grandma we also see the rest of the aunts and uncles. It’s nice to catch up and visit with everyone.

So now we get to the fun part, traveling with the littles. Julia is pretty easy because she’s 3. I loaded up on sticker books, coloring books and some of her favorite books and gave them to her at difference points of the ride.  We also liked asking her what she could see, how many trucks went by, or how many blue cars and what she wanted to listen to for music. Those answers rotated between “Foo Fighters, Christmas music, Yellowcard and Alvin and the Chipmucks”

Before we left RI, we bought calzones and muffins with lots of water and headed on the road. The kids were great and ate way too many veggie straws. But there were no real meltdowns and the kids chatted with one another and slept on and off.

While the kids napped we put on a 90s alt rock station and talked – it was nice because even though we see each other everyday this was the first time in a long time it felt like we were connecting and talking.

Seeing Grandma was great and so was seeing the rest of the family and even though we don’t get together often everyone talks at once and it’s loud but filled with love and appreciation for one another. It was well worth the drive.

We had a hard time sleeping our first night (we got in about 8pm) and grabbed dinner at a local place in town. Went back to the hotel to check in (and it was the sketchiest hotel I’ve ever stayed in). There was no fridge for our leftovers and the options on the heater were super hot or ice cold, so we did the best we could with what we had. Sam slept in his pac ‘n play. Julia jumped from bed to bed (there were two queens). She had a hard time getting settled, once one was settled the other would start up, around 2am we got everyone to sleep. Nate slept by himself and Julia fell asleep in my bed. She did fall out at one point and I picked her up and she didn’t seem very bothered.

Since the first night was so bad (in regards to sleep), we decided after we visited with Grandma we would get on the road and head home. So we headed back to the hotel, checked out and picked up some more muffins and hopped on the highway and headed home. Sam slept on and off and we stopped for milk, Julia wasn’t so into sleeping so we chatted and sang songs and told stories. We got home at 2am and everyone was very happy to be in their own beds.

The point is, road trips can be fun but all you need to do is plan well, pack plenty of snacks and water and plan your stops. Have fun and be ok with throwing the kids schedules out the window and you’ll do just fine.

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