Homeschooling Vs. School

Having kids means talking to your spouse about EVERYTHING and EVERY option there is.

Cloth Diapers or Disposable? Bottle (SO MANY VARIETIES) pumping or Breast? Sleep in a crib, bassinet, co-sleep? Formula – organic, soy, AR, regulate, AGAIN so many options! Car seats, strollers, high chairs, pac n plays. Literally there is no “Easy” choice but that’s what parenting is, a series of choices that you think are the best at that moment in time.

So school, private, Montessori, public, charter, tech, homeschool? (Lets be honest I’m probably forgetting one or two!)

It got me thinking what’s best for Julia? She loves structure but she loves play time – she also needs alone time and space because she can get overwhelmed easily. She’s so sweet and has a real interest in learning. So do we go the Private school route? Or do we homeschool? I know I’m not patient or smart enough to do homeschooling and I don’t want her to miss out on anything but I want to make sure she is being challenged as well as getting space when needed.

She three and advanced for her age (this isn’t my opinion her teachers have told us) and then we have our goofball, Sam. He will be 1 in 2 weeks and he’s already a little prankster. He’s very sweet but without a doubt will be the class clown and will probably have my ADD (sorry bud).

But the point is no school fits one child, so when you’re thinking of school look around at all of them and not every school will fit both of your kids so don’t worry if they end up at different schools, you can juggle carpool.

We are a few years off but if you have any ideas for your kids do your research, talk to your friends and family and go to school committee meetings.

I will say, I love how homeschoolers teach their kids about real life; doing the groceries on a budget, and how taxes work (I still don’t know how to do my taxes – thanks Nate)

Let me know what you’re thinking of doing and how you’ve talked about it with your spouse.

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