Potty Training


OK, but in all seriousness my daughter just turned 3 and we have been potty training or attempted potty training for the last 2 months. I tried the whole naked thing. she had an accident and was hysterical. I didn’t get mad with her but she has been freaked out ever since.

Now she’s a master of holding her urine, all day. I have loaded her up with juice, milk and water and she still won’t pee. So now I’m contemplating locking us in the house for 5 days straight to see if that works.

But seriously what else can I do – what’s the best way to get thru to her? I’ve gotten books on it, I’ve read every book and I’ve gotten books for her and I’ve tried bribing her with M & M’S and her favorite shows and still holds her pee. I just want to stop buying pull-ups – so here’s to the upcoming week, when we try again. Wish us luck and leave a note or tips on how it worked for you and your little.

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