Mom Friends

I once saw a quote about making mom friends “hi, i too have kids. Want to be friends?”

Which is totally true, you’re always feeling awkward and wondering if they are second guessing getting together with you.

Recently, at my daughters third birthday party I took a step back and was feeling overwhelmed by how many wonderful mom friends I have. I also am very thankful they are some of the most supportive women I’ve ever met. Each of these women have talked me thru sleepless nights, first fevers, stitches and ear tubes.

All these women (and their guys) have been so loving and supportive and never judged me when I needed advice. All the advice I’ve ever gotten I’ve done my best to pass along to other moms. The best thing about mom friends is we all have our own approach and it’s ok it’s different than ours because it works for them and sometimes you need to try something new and you can try their advice.

So if you’re a first time mom or moving to a new place – join a moms group, you’ll find a variety of moms. some will want to use cloth diapers, some will pump or nurse and others will do formula but at the end of the day every mother loves their kid and wants the best for them.

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