Teal Pumpkin Project

Have you noticed any teal pumpkins in or around your neighborhood?

Are you confused as to why the pumpkin isn’t orange? Because orange is the new teal – ok not really!

It’s because Teal is the color of allergy food awareness – this issue is very near and dear to me. My niece and nephew have severe food allergies and Halloween is a stressful time for them. Ever since they were little they could never enjoy Halloween fully because of the risk of running into an allergen.

Now there is the Teal Pumpkin Project, if you have a teal pumpkin this shows that there are other options besides candy – stickers, glow sticks, pencils, play dough containers and other fun things that aren’t candy! This is a fun way to include kids who wouldn’t always be included.

A friend of mine recently posted an article on Facebook explaining what Teal Pumpkin Project was for those who were unaware – when I clicked the link I saw some nasty comments. One in particular stood out; “How about the parents be parents, and pick out the candy they cannot have, when they get home. Let the kids deal with it. Shielding them and accommodating every little problem they encounter is creating a generation of entitled¬† adults, who expect the world to cater to their every whim. We are seeing this now. If you say something people do not agree with, they will resort to violence to silence you. Let’s stop shielding them and start preparing them to live in an adult world where they will be expected to deal with things in a civil manner. I’m not saying to be mean to them, but to teach them this is not the end of the world, there are children starving in other countries. Let’s be thankful for what we have, and find ways yo make something positive from our circumstances. Maybe they could take the extra candy and give it out to children who are in the hospitals or orphanages.”

Ok, I’m going to break this down – “let the kids deal with it” yes, because everyone knows 2 & 3 year olds can read labels, oh wait, they can’t. So if a child picks up a Reese’s and takes a bite because we are letting the kids deal with it – seriously that’s an absurd response. And it’s just mean and careless.

“creating a generation of entitled adults” yep, that’s exactly how you create entitled adults. By protecting your kids you’re being a good parent and keeping them safe. No one esp kids with food allergies expect anyone to cater to them at all, in any way, EVER! I always make sure the kids meals are safe, not because I want to help raise entitled adults but because I love them like my own and I want to keep them safe – nothing scares me more than the thought of them getting sick or worse having an allergic reaction and being in the hospital or dead. Food allergies are NO JOKE.

Anyone with food allergies has grown up much faster than people without food allergies, imagine being 5 and asking the hostess “does this cake have eggs in it?” or “was this cookie made in a peanut free facility?” Ok, so as much as that sucks and who doesn’t love cake, but imagine being in high school and going in for your first kiss and stopping to say “what have you eaten today?” Trusting your partner is going to be honest and that they are remembering everything. It’s incredibly stressful – trust me when I tell you kids with allergy are the least shielded group you’ll ever meet.

Lastly, kids in hospitals don’t want candy because yano, they are in the hospital and they probably can’t have loads of sugar, but I’m not a doctor so don’t quote me! But sending candy to kids in third world countries won’t be helping them, they need water and real nutrients.

So to the person on Facebook – you’re rude and inconsiderate and people need to be more understanding.

Teal Pumpkin Project is awesome and we should be doing more for our friends with food allergies!

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