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Story of Us

Since this is the first blog post, I thought it’d be fun to tell you how we met and became a family. Not every post will be about our family. There will be separate sections for food, fashion, my kids, politics and other musings.

We met through mutual friends when they had a Christmas party for the bridal party to meet before their wedding the following June. I was just coming off a campaign, I remember when he walked in and thinking, “this guy is pretty cute.” We chatted most of the night and after driving back home to RI, I texted a close friend saying I met a guy.

I didn’t hear from him until that Spring when we saw each other for their Jack and Jill. We spent the entire night together and exchanged numbers. We got together a few weeks later and it was fun and sweet but so very awkward. We didn’t talk after that, so it was bound to be interesting. We had fun and chatted a bit and he kept my beers coming – good man.

A few weeks after the wedding he texted me saying he owed me a drink. I was away on vacation so he would need to come down to the Cape or wait until I got back. He came to visit me at the Cape and from then on we were dating.

We got married in 2014, six days before our daughter was born and bought our first house in Providence. It was great, but city life wasn’t for us and we moved to the suburbs in 2016, a month before our son was born. We never looked back from our move, we have great neighbors, a ¬†pool; Nate often says he wishes he had more time to enjoy the pool and not just clean it. I argue he’s the best and sexiest pool boy, ever.

So in the words of Taylor Swift, that’s the story of us. Until next time.



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